Friday, July 24, 2015

Men in Sicily

One of the past times of men in Italy is playing cards.  We've been following a group in Palermo, Sicilia who daily meet in a park  near the Old Gate to the city to play.  In 2015 we found that their  meeting spot has changed, and the little cafe nearby has closed down also. So, their place to store their chairs when they go home for lunch has changed too.  Now the chairs are hung on different trees.

Da Adolfo Lunch in Positano

Lunch in Positano, and how apparent chaos turned into fun.  On the way back from a boat trip around Positano we were dropped off at Da Adolfo - a lunch spot  only accessible by sea, and famous for its informal approach to excellent seafood lunches.  Chaos to start with (they couldn't find our booking) and we wondered if the waiters (all barefooted on the rough stones) would remember all our selections and requests.  Just relax! It all turns out OK in the end.  And it did.  Interesting range of people, arriving every few minutes - some obviously well know to the owner or waiters.  The cooking is done in a little "shed" above the eating area, with a window (or hole in its wall) overlooking the customers. And we got a free ride back to Positano pier.

Dinner by Sunset in Cefalu, Sicily, Italy

Cefalu is a beautiful small town on the northern coast of Sicilia. It's a town full of history (likely to have been inhabited as far back as the C9th BC) and also offers a place and time for relaxation with an aperitivo on a bench at the beach.   In May we have a special restaurant to dine under a beautiful sunset, clouds permitting.

And one of Sicily's famous wines Nero d'Avola.  The brand was of additional interest