Sunday, September 27, 2015

Corri la Vita: combating breast cancer in Florence

through the Boboli Grdens, along the Arno River

You'd be forgiven for  thinking that Firenze / Florence was welcoming Ciao Bella Tours to the city. Hot pink everywhere.Thousands of people (and dogs) turned out on September 27 2015 for the 12th version of the walk or run through the city of Firenze , with the focus on combating breast cancer. Salvatore Ferragamo is the major sponsor.

The shorter walk of 4.6 km commenced at the Piazza del Duomo,  and the route took us along the Arno, across two bridges ( Carraia, and alle Grazie), past the Pitti Paace, through the Boboli Gardens, up to the Forte Belvedere, and finally to  Piazza Signoria.  Men, women, children of all ages, babies in prams or rucksack type carriers on the back of Mamma or Babo, dogs on leaches (many wearing the pink tshirt), all wearing the hot pink tshirts with a number attached..  We spotted  a number in the 40,000s

Afterwards, back to friends' home for a huge Sunday lunch with the family