Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Building the pergola: what strength! What skill!

Around the Amalfi Coast there are millions of lemon trees and olive trees, so many pergolas are built, mainly  to protect them from the weather.

Just recently terrific storms with hail stones the size of a small egg ruined entire crops.
The pergolas are built high, with netting rolled up on top. Eugenio showed us how his skilled father made the joins strong and safe. Meticulous work with the wire.


Monday, September 15, 2014

Narrow Ladders in Campania

The farmers' ladders in parts of the south of Italy in the beautiful area of Massa Lubrense, are long, strong and narrow.  Used in harvesting and pruning olive trees and lemon trees, they are made from castagna/chestnut tree wood, and traditionally the labourers climbed bare footed. If you look carefully at the attached photos you may be able to see how the climbers moved a leg around the ladder to provide security when high up.  And you'll see at the foot of the ladder, one rung very close to the one above it... again, for safety reasons, to give the last step down a softer landing.

Capri, a swim away

The beautiful island of Capri seems so close from the mainland around Sorrento and Massa Lubrense.  This is a view from our window at breakfast.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Il Fienile restaurant

We found this great , fairly new,family run  restaurant for our Sunday lunch.  And what a find! Typical traditional food, produced locally, much of the ingredients grown by the owners.  It's hidden away in the hills in a tiny town by the name of Torca, in Massa Lubrense, not far from Napoli.  Well worth a visit.  It's where the locals go, which makes it even more perfect!


The archaeological park at Paestum in southern Italy is the best - preserved archaeological Greek site in the Mediterranean , and only 2 hours drive from the bay of Naples. Amongst the ancient marvels are three very large intact temples, the largest and most impressive being the temple of Neptune/Apollo/Hera from 465BC.


Quattro Passi Restaurant. Michellin Stars

www.ciaobellatours.com.auWhat a wonderful evening we had last night at 2 Michellin starred restaurant Quattro Passi in Massa Lubrense, Italia, thanks to chef Antonio Mellino, Rita Mellino, Sasha, Mario, Alesandro, and staff. From the moment we were picked up at our hotel, through the walk in the underground cellar, the wines, the degustazione menu, and all the little extras, the excellent table service, the magnificent view, and finally , just for us, a rather grand fireworks display.  Here are photos of some of the courses we enjoyed....