Saturday, July 2, 2016

Harry's Bar, Harry's Dolci: Cipriani in Venezia

On my final day in Venezia we decided to take a trip to Giudecca, the long thin island not far from San Marco square in central Venice. A short trip on public transport (ferry) Linea number 2 took us to stop Planca Giudecca at around 1.30 pm,
peak time for a light lunch.  The temperature was 30 degrees plus, so somewhere in the shade on the lagoon's edge was  the place to go.  Not wanting to go into the nearest restaurant we strolled along to Fondamenta San Biagio and a restaurant that took our eyes, an all in white terrace with a floating white canopy right on the water's edge.  It wasn't until I read the
menu (with prices) that I realised we had inadvertently landed at Harry's Dolci, a less formal side of one of the Cipriani family's upmarket eateries. Service was courteous, food was simple and well presented, table cloth and serviettes were of white linen,  acqua frizzante was cold,  the waves of the lagoon almost lapped at our feet and the busy movements of hundreds of various boating vehicles kept us entertained and relaxed: postal service, tour groups in private boats, wooden taxis, builders carrying heavy equipment, ferries with trucks on board, even a "Red Bus" (in this case a red boat) for tourists' views of the city by boat.
kept us entertained and relaxed.