Thursday, October 16, 2014

Il Cucciolo, Giorgio al Cucciolo, Anacapri

Although this restaurant does take big groups, they are not seated in the same area as couples, singles, small groups or small families who have pre-booked their tables.
With a view to die for, and excellent service and food, a free shuttle just adds to its allure! September 2014.

Grotta Azzurra: the Blue Grotto, Capri

The Blue Grotto must surely be on everyone's Bucket List.  Probably best to go around midday to get the best colours of the sea inside the Grotto. If the sea is rough, boats are not allowed in, so check before you take a boat from Marina Grande.

It's not difficult to get to the grotto, either from land or sea.  If travelling by land, take a bus or taxi from Capri town or Anacapri, and walk down the steps, to stand in line for a boat and "driver" to take you inside the Grotto. 

Boats from Marina Grande (the main port of Capri) or from the mainland (Sorrento / Positano / Massa Lubrense etc) can take you to the grotto. Allow time for a long queue. ( You may not enter in your own boat.)

If arriving at the Grotto by sea, again there's a queue, as the many small passenger boats and small motor boats vie for a front position.  Actually it's all fairly organised, in an Italian kind of way, and boats take their turn, with the  drivers trying to attract the attention of their favourite oarsmen.  However you arrive there's a Euro 13 per person fee to get into the rowboats with the "gondoliers".  And they require a tip. You need to lie down in the boat to get through the low entrance, so don't wear glam. 

Pesce sparda. Sword fish: how much?

Having lunch in Sorrento, a fisherman walks through.  Selling? How much?