Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Zibella, the king of hams, as an antipasto at Hotel Villa Malpensa, near Milano, Italy.  "Millefoglie di culatello ICP Zibello con mouse di Caprino e pane Carasau"... the carta di musica bread.

Mo Vida Restaurant Bocconi at MoVida, Sardegna, Sardinia

Lunch in sunny Alghero, Sardegna at MoVida ristorante on Bastioni Magellano (the fortress walls) overlooking the port.
We tried and ate Bocconi, in shells a little like conce.  Dig out the meat with a skewer, salt it , dip in the olive oil based liquid.  Maybe an acquired taste, but Tim learnt the skill quickly.

Vegetarians don't look !

Antipasto at Hotel Villa Malpensa: "Grand selezione di salumi Italiani con Castelmagio e miele do castagno".  Selection of various cold meats with castlemagio cheese and a dipping sauce of chestnut honey.Yum

Secret near Milan

Only 900 metres from busy Malpensa airport is the small town of Vizzola Ticino and Parco Ticino.
Amid many deserted buildings (renovator's
dream), this green woodland/park is a delightful way to relax after a long haul flight into Milano Malpensa airport.  Heading off down via Don A Sacconago towards Piazza Giulio, where is the fresh water pump, handy for locals to bring their bottles to fill.    Onto Mulino di Ferno, past the 2006 shrine to the Madonna di Medjugorje (a new Madonna for me!).  There are 6 walks or roads listed, ranging from 5.9km to 18km in length, and the road appears well used by cyclists.  Past the once-beautiful cast iron gates now almost overgrown with ivy, to the iron bridge built in 1883 by the "Societa nazione delle officine di Savigliano",  the Canale Villoresi, and finally via Strada del Salvetto - far enough for me.  Then back to my hotel, Villa Malpensa.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Nuclear Intervention

This sign , of a business named Nucleo Intervento Rapido, was recently spotted in the Piazza Duomo in Milano.  Surely a cause for  confidence.