Saturday, September 14, 2013


We've tried a variety of aperitivi at our "Happy Hour" over the last few weeks: Negroni, Campari, Martini, Limoncello to mention but a few.

And a variety of gelati of course.

Here's a new one for  me, apparently a favourite of Catanian locals: Fiori di Pistacchio

Bellini , Catania Sicily, Pizza

Sadly today was the final day of our tour in Sardegna and Sicilia.
We left Siracusa after breakfast to check out the amazing Fish Market of Catania, and a visit to the nearby Duomo of Catania. Probably the most famous son of Catania was Vincenzo BELLINI, born here in 1801.  A child prodigy, he composed several operas  one of the most famous being "Norma" in 1831. So we've been eating a few versions of "Pasta alla Norma". 
Although Bellini lived most of his short life in Italy, he actually died in Paris in 1835, and only later were his remains brought to the Duomo of Catania, where stands his large marble memorial. And the opera theatre here of course is Teatro Bellini.

So tonight, alone after a wonderful fortnight of dining with our fellow travellers, what better than a "Pizza alla Norma", delivered to my door at a cost of only Euro4.  Hard to believe!  So here's a promo for Pizzeria La Principessa, in via Sebastiano Catania, 175 - in case you're ever in Catania searching for an excellent wood fired pizza.
P.S. we also enjoyed drinking more than a few "Bellini"s.... same surname, different family, artist not composer.

Orgosolo, Sardegna

Orgosolo, in the mountains of central Sardegna, is steeped in history, hundreds of Murals on the walls of houses, rocks and shops telling stories of shepherds lives, people's struggles, and political  comments.  Allow yourself an hour or more to stroll down the main street, and other more secret places.

Alghero sunset 3 September 2013

Sail boat in Sardegna


A wonderful day on a sailboat in Sardegna.  Great weather and great company.  Hoisting the sails.  Swimming and snorkelling in the clear clean waters of the Mediterranean.