Saturday, May 23, 2015

Water Features

How about these two for a change of smiling or ferocious lions as a water feature? (Found in the Cathedral of Cagliari)

NORA, Sardinia Sardegna, Roman Theatre

Nora, the earliest  town in Sardegna, was a prosperous town for 1500 years.  Originally founded by the Fenice, 9 and 7centuries BC.... then the Punics, later the Romans.  It was a major trading post around the Mediterrean . You'll find Nora in Pula, south west of the island and around 30km from the capital city of Sardegna, Cagliari.   Here's the Teatro Romano, which held 1200 spectators.

MIlking the goats in the mountains of Sardinia

High up on the mountains of the tough central part of the island of Sardegna, the shepherds attend to their goats and sheep.  At Scala e Pradu we watched as the shepherd and his dog put their goats that run free into a small pen, and the shepherd began his back-breaking work of milking his flock. A twice a day effort.